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Preparation of UPSC

The preparation of UPSC starts with knowing what to study. 

We already know the structure and marking of CSE along with the subjects included in the particular paper of examination if you haven't checked out the structure of the UPSC examination we suggest you take a look at it here

The study material of UPSC starts with NCERT's of 6th to 12th

then comes our reference books

Reading whole books is a tiring and uninteresting process, reading notes of same is way more interesting, we have got you covered

UPSC preparation

The Best Strategy to prepare for UPSC

The Syllabus of Prelims is a small fraction of the syllabus of mains so we focus

on preparing mains first after that preparation of prelims becomes much easier. 

The strategy we use to teach here is really simple to understand.

First of all, we start to study NCERT's then we move on to standard books.  

But Doing this all on your own is a difficult job.

So we break it down just like UPSC has done, We start with the preparation of General Science - 1, 2, 3, 4 and then prelims.

To do that, First, we study NCERT's related to the subject then we move on to the standard books and finally to test series 

So Choose the subject you want to start with from those coloured boxes below or if you would like to study specific subjects we have that option as well. 

Another most important aspect is revision and solution to that is given here! check out this video

UPSC the most dreamed dream - Revision Map 

General Studies - 1

Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of India and world and Society

General Studies - 2

Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice, International Relationship

General Studies - 3

Technology, Economic Development, biodiversity, Environment, Security, Disaster Management 

General Studies - 4

Ethics, Integrity, Aptitude

Test series and questions solving practice

The last step in the preparation of UPSC is to take test series to check how well you're performing. when you'll start obtaining great marks in tests you'll definitely have great marks in exams, we all know that!

Here at UPSC From Home, we have got you covered with test series designed by our experts in the associated fields with comprehensive experience in question patterns and syllabus.  



The best approach for best results. 

The key to gain success in UPSC is not just hard work if you'll have just really hard work it will take you around 5 years to crack UPSC, you have to work smart along with working hard! The smart work means to study in the way which gets you the topic cleared in minimum time and efforts. 

Just like you use to study in school and college first you take the class, the teacher explains the subject in a really good way, then you come home, study the book on your own and then you make notes, go back to class ask your doubts and then you revise your previously studies chapter, when you are prepared you to take test and you perform amazing. That's the smartest and easiest way to study.

We UPSC From Home has created the same process for you with even less effort and faster learning. 

We have a series of videos on youtube from starting, the topic to end screening the entire book cover to cover illustrated in a really astonishing way. Then you can come to our website to download the notes of what you study in videos and you can study the book really effectively on your own because you have been explained the concepts. 

Then you can take our test series and you will be all prepared to crack the UPSC. 

Sounds too easy right?  Yeah, it is!

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