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Study NCERT and Standard books with us.

studying is to success. studying hard will guarantee your success but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Studying smart is something everyone can achieve. Especially during you are preparing for the exam as tough as UPSC, studying hard and smart are both important. Every large building is made over a firm foundation. While talking about UPSC, when we hear the word 'foundation' only one thing comes to our mind, that is NCERT. Every aspirant will tell ou that NCERT is base of preparation for UPSC, Now you will say that I am new to preparation how can I do it without coaching and this and that, stop right there. NCERT basically books for students, students of school studying from classes 6th to 12th, you must be either studying in these classes or just passed out of them. so you can study NCERT just by yourself if you don't understand anything we are here for it if you find anything difficult we are here for it. if you need classroom experience, leave it to us. we have prepared notes and lectures which will help you study NCERT easily. Let's get started...

Why NCERT's are important for the preparation of UPSC?
How to study reference books after NCERT's to get the most benefits.

NCERT's have nearly every topic in sharp details and in an easily understandable style that a person who is just starting the preparation. In the case of reference books, the language is bit complicated and it may be troublesome for a new aspirant to surmise them in one go. 

NCERT creates a firm base for future preparation, it clears the basic concepts which are not mentioned within reference books. 

NCERT's are advised by each and every UPSC topper. 

  • Each year 20-30 questions are directly asked from NCERT's

  • NCERT's helps in sorting and planning otherwise you'll be lost in study material 

After finishing NCERT's you should move on to standard reference books like M. Laxmikant, Spectrum etc. Since NCERT's are not made for the preparation of UPSC, they are for class 12th students, so they do not cover the detailed portion of UPSC syllabus. But the details given in the standard books will be a lot easier to understand if you have finished NCERT's first. 

But doing only NCERT will not take you anywhere because of its just basics of every subject. rest is dependent on standard books 

Standard books require a lot of effort and time to study without proper guidance, we got it for you!

Take your first step with us!

Reference books are just advance of what you have already studied in NCERT's previously, that's the real juicy thing which is going to come in exam but to get that thing you must be having your basics clear, i.e. NCERT's. But even if you have your NCERT memorised in your brain, Reference books can still be a pain in your head because of there heavy terms and typical language.  Without proper guidence, it will take a lot of time and efforts to completely understand all reference books. 

But we have got your back, to make it easy and less time consuming we have put our efforts and time in understanding these reference books and making notes out of them, you can also take help of our lectures created by experienced teachers of respective subjects. Reference books are last step in prepration of UPSC, after finishing and memorising the reference books your static portion will be over

Choose Your Subject


Class 6th


Class 7th


Class 8th


Class 9th


Class 10th


Class 11th


Class 12th



The most important warriors the army and the functioning about it


Ethics integrity Aptitude

Something that already in you , you just need to bring it in action



The Bible for polity is M laximikant it covers major portion of GS2


Art and Culture

Most Comprehensive book on art and culture covers entire syllabus


Polity, Governance and Constitution

Well this is little bit interesting, studying about why we are forced to follow some rules. 

download (2).jfif


You breath? Let's study about it


Modern India

Spectrum, the well known name for history of modern India



We will study thins because someone found some stones and mud interesting.


Economic Development

Well we will study about the thing for which you along with everyone else is doing what they are doing here. i.e. MONEY

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